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  Million Metre Challenge Completed!

Well, here's what Concept 2 have to say...

The first Red Nose Row, in aid of Comic Relief, took place on March 12th 1999. More than 10,000 individuals and teams from up and down the country joined forces to row, do silly things and badger their friends and colleagues for cash.

Compared to 1999, this year's Red Nose Row will be starting a little earlier, a full six months earlier in fact. September the 16th 2000, exactly half a year to the day before Red Nose Day 2001, sees the launch of the Million Metre Challenge. It's pretty self-explanatory: to complete one million metres between the starting date and Red Nose Day, which falls on March 16th.

... but as some of you may know, I broke my leg in several places a month before the start date, spent a month in hospital and 5 months later I'm still hobbling around on crutches.

To cut a long story short, in the third week of January the doctors allowed me to start rowing – gently! – and I have decided to go for a million metres anyway. You may have noticed that this leaves me little more than two months and it can't have escaped your attention (since I just mentioned it) that I still have a broken leg and can't walk yet.

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Here's Where You Come In!

Now I think it would be nice that if I'm going to row myself to death on the ergo over the next two months, we could raise some money for Comic Relief along the way. That's where you come in... Please please sponsor me!


I'm not certain I'm going to make it so the larger your contributions the more incentive I'll have to get as close to a million as possible. To give you some idea of the size of the task, in order to row 1,000,000 metres I expect to be on the rowing machine for a little under an hour and a half every day, seven days a week, for over two months. (And for the oarsmen: guys, after six months off, I started at a 2:20 split, a stone and a half overweight... this is going to take forever!)

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Metres So Far! Money So Far!

I'll be keeping track of how far I've rowed here, so you can check back to see that your money's being put to good use (causing me pain mostly) and laugh at how far I have still to go. I'll also be recording how many Golden Pounds we're raising for Comic Relief's good causes.

Thankyou to all the generous people who are sponsoring me! If I complete the Million Metre Challenge, we will raise about £300 for Comic Relief. More sponsors gratefully received...

First Update : 28 January 2001

I've made it to the quarter million! Nineteen days to 250,000m metres; forty-six days left in which to do the remaining 750,000. It's going to be tough... You can now see me on Concept 2's 250K Red Nose Row Honour Roll.

Half-way There : 12 February 2001

Half-way there! Thirty-five days to 500,000m metres; thiry-two days left in which to do the remaining 500,000. Nearly on target? A week in Cambridge will help... You can now see me on Concept 2's 500K Red Nose Row Honour Roll.

Last Major Milestone : 27 February 2001

Fifty days to 750,000m metres; seventeen days left in which to do the remaining 250,000. I'm beginning to believe, barring accidents, that I might make it. The week in Cambridge did help — 150 kilometres in seven days. You can now see me on Concept 2's 750K Red Nose Row Honour Roll.

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Red Nose Day - The Last 5K!

I've done it! Finished the million and done a new 5K P.B. in the process. Here's the 1,000,000m Red Nose Row Honour Roll which shows all 94 people who completed the million nationwide (and logged their metres online).

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"One stroke at a time..."

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"Are we nearly there yet?"

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Red Nose Row 2001"

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Concept 2 and Comic Relief for an excellent idea that motivated me to get fit again; The Cap Factory for making my excellent Boar's Head Red Nose Row cap; and of course everyone who has sponsored me and in the process contributed to an excellent amount of money being raised for the Comic Relief charities.

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Total distance 1,000,000 metres
Total time 71:42:27.2 over 67 days
Total heart beats 648007 (ish)
Total sponsorship Over £300
Next target World Marathon Challenge – next week!

1,000,000 metres completed with 71 hours 42 minutes and 27.2 seconds on the erg over 67 days

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Please Please Sponsor Me!

Pledge just 0.0001p per metre and we will still raise £1 for Comic Relief if I reach my target (though it has to be said I'm hoping these metres are worth more than petrol station vouchers...). Please e-mail me if you'd like to give your support, indicating how much you'd like to sponsor me for in total or per metre. When I'm finished, I'll let you know the result and how much damage has been done to me and your wallet and tell you where to send the money!

Thanks for reading
— Gareth

E-mail Gareth <>
Postal Address 3 Queen Mary Avenue
RG21 5PL

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