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Results : 1999

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Race reports from events during 1999 are shown below, most recent event first.

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Fairbairn Cup Races : 3 December 1999

4300 metre downstream course on River Cam

The 1999 races were rescheduled for 21 January 2000.

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Perpetual British Indoor Rowing Championship : 28 November 1999

2000m on a Concept II Model C at the Rivermead Leisure Complex, Reading

It may be the club's first season of competition but we had two members at the BIRC. Shailen Majithia was 10th from 23 finishers in the Men's Open Lightweight category in a time of 6:51.5 and in the Men's Open category, John Webb was 60th from 91 in a time of 6:44.1.

There was an even larger entry than the previous two years with a particularly strong turn out from CULRC who claimed all of the medals, in fact 15 of the top 20 places, in the Men's Under 23 Lightweight category. Looks good for the Light Blues in 2000 because OULRC were nowhere to be seen...

Maybe next year Boar's Head Boat Club will also be out in force?

Men's Open

  • John Webb : sixtieth (6:44.1)

Men's Open Lightweight

  • Shailen Majithia : tenth (6:51.5)

Concept II have full results on their website and Rachel Quarrell provided a live commentary which gives a good idea of the atmosphere.

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Fullers' Head of the River Fours : 20 November 1999

4.25 mile course on the Thames Tideway between Mortlake and Putney

Some excellent coxing and a highly committed effort produced a fine row for BHBC's first ever entry. A concerted charge at rate 30-32 through some tough conditions, with spirited calls from within the crew, was marred only by a short time loss due to a collision with Abingdon RC, who cut into the crew's path just after Barnes Bridge. Observers noted the crew "looked rather good" as it finished strongly past the boathouses at Putney Embankment.

Results did not quite meet expectations, but nevertheless the time proved to be very competitive, finishing 7th highest out of the 41 crews entered at Senior 3 (Club) level (rising 194 places to finish 276th), setting up BHBC for a strong challenge next year. Adjusting the time for the collision would have produced a top five finish, and congratulations to Shoreham RC (winners of the event), who gained visibly in the crew's sight as they chased BHBC home from Fulham Football Ground.

S3.4+ (Club) : seventh from 41 (276th overall)

  • C: Sally-Ann Scott
  • S: George Harpur
  • 3: Gareth Sylvester-Bradley
  • 2: Shailen Majithia
  • B: Chaz Murray
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Full results are available on the Fullers' Head of the River Fours website.

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Cambridge Winter Head : 13 November 1999

2700 metre upstream course on River Cam

Scratch crew. Competent performance. Senior 4 pennants!


  • C: Sally-Ann Scott
  • S: Shailen Majithia
  • 3: Ross Muir
  • 2: George Harpur
  • B: Chaz Murray

Full results are available on Cantabs' event page. Of particular note is the prominence of Auriol Kensington RC who recorded six wins including Senior 3 coxed fours — presumably the crew who will be racing in the same Senior 3 (Club) category as BHBC, at the Fours Head next weekend.

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Cambridge Autumn Head : 30 October 1999

2600 metre upstream course on River Cam

A day of missed opportunites for BHBC.

The Senior 4 coxed four, after an early pre-race outing, was slightly delayed to the start and ultimately not allowed to race. A real shame, as the winning time turned out to be more than 90 seconds off the Senior 3 pace, even beaten by the Jesus Women's Four which won its invitation event.

The Senior 3 eight, in its first outing and made up of a crew spanning several Queens' generations, came together very well in the warm-up row, but was unable to produce a consistent performance in the race. The lack of time together proved the decisive factor although windy conditions did not help. Nevertheless it finished third, 11 seconds behind the winners, sharing Downing and Selwyn's time.

S4.4+ : scratched

  • C: Ruth Hall
  • S: Matt Jaggard
  • 3: Shailen Majithia
  • 2: Olie Morris
  • B: Chaz Murray

S3.8+ : third equal

  • C: Ruth Hall
  • S: Shailen Majithia
  • 7: Matt Jaggard
  • 6: Ross Muir
  • 5: John Webb
  • 4: Phil Lloyd
  • 3: George Harpur
  • 2: Chaz Murray
  • B: Olie Morris

The full results are available in finish order on the Rob Roy website, where you can also read an entertaining event report.

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Upper Thames Small Boats Head : 24 October 1999

3200 metre upstream course on River Thames at Henley-on-Thames

A day of awful weather produced the toughest conditions that many oarsmen had ever experienced. Following a morning division of calm waters and no rain, the crews in the afternoon division, including all the coxless pairs, had to face heavy rain, blistering cold, a strong cross headwind and fast opposing stream. Of the five crews originally entered in Senior 3 coxless pairs, Hampton A raced in the morning division (nullifying their result), and all the others scratched save for the Boar's Head entry. Therefore racing for a guaranteed win time-only result, the pair produced a row that had its moments in some very tough conditions (Phil Lloyd, Captain of QCBC, observed: "some of the pairs looked like they were moving backwards"), finishing in a time of 15:56, only 12 seconds behind one of the OUBC trial pairs.

S3.2- : WINNERS (only crew not to scratch)

  • S: Shailen Majithia
  • B: Howard Stone (steers)

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Bedford Small Boats Head and Autumn Fours : 17 October 1999

2000 metre downstream course on River Great Ouse

Great day to be back in Bedford, with a record entry for the event. The moderate head wind meant the second 1000m was harder going particularly in the later divisions. As planned, three BHBC crews competed and the coxed four won Senior 4 in a time of 7:25 only three seconds outside the fastest 4+ time of the day set by winners of the Senior 2 event, Shoreham RC.

We're grateful for excellent bank support from Heather and Em (and thanks for the news that "Go Boar's Head!" is too much of a mouthful!).

N.2X : runners-up

  • S: Olie Morris
  • B: Howard Stone (steers)
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S3.2- : runners-up

  • S: Shailen Majithia
  • B: Howard Stone (steers)


  • C: Steve Ratcliffe
  • S: Howard Stone
  • 3: Shailen Majithia
  • 2: Olie Morris
  • B: Gareth Sylvester-Bradley

Bedford RC has full results sorted overall and also by event on their site. Note that BHBC are sometimes listed wrongly as BOW'S HEAD BOAT CLUB.

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Boston Rowing Marathon : 19 September 1999

Two members of BHBC competed in the Boston Rowing Marathon. A race report just might materialize at some point but maybe not. For now we can just report that they succeeded in winning novice doubles!


  • S: Olie Morris
  • B: Howard Stone (steers)

There is a brand new Boston Rowing Marathon website (as of 15 November 1999) with details of this year's event, course records and a potted history. If you're looking for the Boar's Head crew, they are recorded as QUEENS COLLEGE B. C. on the results page, having finished 38th overall.

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Cambridge Town Bumps : 27–30 July 1999

A full report never made it, but here's the bumps chart showing our unlucky (that's bumps!) up three.

The Club is very grateful to Cantabs RC for giving us the opportunity to race as Cantabs II. Thanks also to the makers of Nurofen Gel for their support during the Town Bumps.

Cantabs II — Boar's Head

  • C: Pete Acher
  • S: Calum Grant
  • 7: Howard Stone
  • 6: Ed Eason
  • 5: Jim Kirton
  • 4: Gareth Sylvester-Bradley
  • 3: Simon Cooper
  • 2: Chaz Murray
  • B: Shailen Majithia
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Thanks to Tim Granger of Rob Roy BC for originally posting these results on-line.

(If the bumps charts are difficult to read, please read our Browser Support information.)

CRA Cambridge Town Bumps 1999
First Division

Start Position


Finish Position

Rob Roy ---- Rob Roy
'99 ---- '99
Rob Roy II ---- Rob Roy II
'99 II -\-- Cantabs
Cantabs -/-\ City
Free Press --\/ '99 II
Rob Roy III -\/- Free Press
'99 III \/-- Rob Roy III
City /-\- City II
Free Press II \-/\ Cantabs II — Boar's Head
City II /\-/ '99 III
Rob Roy IV \/\- Maximum Entropy
Boar's Head — Cantabs II /\/\ Rob Roy V
Maximum Entropy -/\/ Free Press II
Cantabs III -\/- Rob Roy IV
City III \/\- '99 IV
Rob Roy V /\/\ Free Press III

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Lower Divisions
Start Position Bumps Finish Position
Bumps charts for lower divisions are available at the excellent Rob Roy BC pages.

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